The ChinFong Virtual Factory

“Chin Fong AR Virtual Factory” is based on the warm-hot forging presses development by many years of experience. By using the AR augmented reality, it is able to simulate a press automation factory, and experience the immersive automotive parts stamping automation demonstration, which round bars are sent into the heating oven, the robots pick and place the heated bars to the rolling machine for rolling and shaping, then moved into the feeding guide, and use the three-dimensional transfer device with the forging presses to conduct the five-station stamping processes. After stamping, parts are sent to the generic presses for trimming.

Chin Fong forging presses are able to be integrated with the peripherals according to different requirements from customers. Various forging processes with high efficiency are customized to increase production capacity, reduce noise, and extend die life. We are the best forging partner and also create better profits for our customers.


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