New Board of Directors


Board of Directors of the Chinfong as follows :

Chairwoman- Ms. Cindy Tou (涂美華)
Director- Mr. Li Son Lee (李麗生)
Director- Central Motor Co., Ltd. (Legal representative: Mr. Chang 張於正)
Director- Mr. Shen (沈聰進)
Director- Ms. Lily Chien (簡麗環)
Director- Yu Ji Tech Limited Company
Director- Mr. Pin Yang Chi (紀品仰)
Independent Director- Mr. Yao-Chung Chiang (江耀宗)
Independent Director- Ms. Jo Lan Liu (劉若蘭)
Supervisor- Fu-Nian Enterprise Co., Ltd.
Supervisor- Mr. Shen (沈國榮)
Supervisor- Mr. Lee(李麗裕)

Effective Date:2014/07/31