Intelligent Forming, Solid Forged Future


Engulfed by the global financial crisis, no industry in Taiwan escaped by sheer luck, while particularly the machinery industry which is the most sensitive against prosperity climates, resulted a 70% revenue recession for Q4 2008 and the bottom is yet to reach. Facing severe problem of low level machines overcapacity at down-ramp economic pace, the only strategy of survival for the industry is “Consolidating Core Competence by Technology Elevation”.

The action Chin Fong takes in concert with the TIMTOS 2009 maxim -- “Commitment to Precision and Speed”, is by presenting cutting-edge, innovative products which features: - High accuracy, High speed and High rigidity, - One machine for multi-purpose, Intelligent and Humanized - Low environmental impacts ( low noise & energy saving) - Zero-damage, Safe Press aiming to lead the industry to an era of improved productivity with reduced cost.

The main product models we presented in the show includes the DLS-160 ton Link Drive Servo Motion Press, which features programmable motion curve segments as a solution to multiple deep-drawing process in one cycle, which typically takes multiple cycles to complete, and avoids quality problems like wrinkles or fractions. It also meets the requirement for High Precision Blanking with neat cut-off edges for thick and special materials, complicated forming shapes while the volume is low but diverse types.

The other Servo-Driven, Straight-Sided Press, Model GTX-300S, that even features “Swing Type” process curve to largely reduce stamping cycle time, and productivity is hence improved at lower cost. Chin Fong brings these innovative stamping & forging equipments to market aiming to offer a better benefitted option towards 3C and Automotive industry customers that always seek for improved productivity, environmental-friendly, and energy-saving solutions.

Chin Fong wishes to fulfill its corporate social responsibility by demonstrating the first certified Safe Press in compliance with newly revised R.O.C. regulation --“Machinery and Tools Protection Standard” by Bureau of Standards, Metrology & Inspection (BSMI). This significant development also corresponds to the Council of Labor Affairs that enlisted “Manually Loading and Unload Power Presses” in enforcement product inspection for both domestic and imported press machines.

Since its establishment 62 years ago, Chin Fong has been leading the industry by the commitment of being a“Forming technology and total solution provider by manufacturing and bring top class stamping and forging machinery to global market”. Pursuant to the strategy of “Intelligent Forming, Solid Forged Future”, we have developed worldwide sales and service network to provide our customers with quality products and services. Our countermeasures against this global financial crisis are “R&D Innovation, Technology Elevation, Core Competence Consolidation”, and “New Markets Development & New Distribution Channels Construction”, for we firmly believed “R&D Innovation with Global Layout”is the only way of survival.