Name : Generic Stamping Press
No. : ST1 Series+Die exchange car

Straight Side Single Crank Precision Presses+Die exchange car

Straight Side Single Crank Precision Presses

ST1 series could be widely used in the diversified production process, including metal drawing, bending, marking,
flattening, and trimming. Furthermore, it could also apply single or continuous stamping mode.
ST1 is also equipped with a high-performance wet clutch, which is also green energy and high-value product with
environmental protection, efficiency, high torque, and low wear.
Product ST1-80ST1-110ST1-160ST1-200ST1-260ST1-300
Capacity-ton 80110160200260300
Rated Tonnage Point-mm 53.2553.2564664664666--
Stroke Length-mm 100601501107018013080200150100200180100250180300--
Strokes Per Minute-Fixed Speed--S.P.M. 80100607090506080455065354555304530--
Strokes Per Minute-Variable Speed--S.P.M. 50-10065-14040-7545-9060-13030-6535-7050-10020-5035-7045-9520-5030-6035-7520-4030-5020-35--
Die Height (S.D.A.U.)-mm 355375330385405350435460400475500450485525450610550--
Bolster Area (L.R. x F.B.)-mm 780x600(A)950x600(B)--900x680(A)1050x680(B)--1000x760(A)1200x760(B)--1150x820(A)1300x820(B)--1300x840(A)1400x840(B)--1300x840(A)1400x840(B)--
Slide Area (L.R. x F.B.)-mm 560x460650x520700x580850X650920X700920X700
ST1 Series+Die exchange car SeriesFeature
ST1 Series+Die exchange car SeriesApplication