Name : Fully Automatic Tandem Line
No. : SL4 Series

Straight side 4-point link drive eccentric gear press

Straight side 4-point link drive eccentric gear press 400~2400 ton

SL4 model mainly features its extra-large bolster, utilizing 4 point pressure from slide to achieve  , cutting-off, bending, forming and drawing process for automotive sheet metal. This press best suits for automotive industry, usually applied in below range:
  • Tooling with Front-Rear dimension longer than 2000 mm.
  • Slide encounters extra off-center loading in Front-Rear dimension.

Body sheet metal processed in tandem press line, such as car ceiling, chassis, door, hood, etc.

SL4 Series SeriesFeature
  • Long stroke
  • Large working area
  • Ultra rigid frame
  • High performance clutch and brake
  • High efficiency hydraulic overload protection device
  • Slide eight point gib offers high precision and resistance to off-center loading.
  • Facilitate integration with automated feeding system and quick die change system.
  • Slow drawing process could effectively prevent sheet metal break out
  • Reduce die cushion and tooling vibration, and prolong die life.
  • Reduce noise during stamping process
  • Reduce vibration, and prolong usage life of electrical and other peripheral equipment.
  • The production rate could be largely elevated under same drawing velocity.
SL4 Series SeriesApplication