Name : Forging Presses
No. : KL2 Series

Knuckle joint link drive two points cold forging press

KL2 series features with long stroke length above 400mm. It can be applied in driving shaft forging application with long rod/shaft dimension. Especially for automotive industry, hand wheels and engine parts.

Product KL2-400KL2-630KL2-800KL2-1000KL2-1200KL2-1600
Capacity-ton 400630800100012001600
Rated Tonnage Point-mm 151515252525
Stroke Length-mm 400400400500500600
Strokes Per Minute-S.P.M. 25-4525-4025-3515-3015-3015-25
Die Height (S.D.A.U.)-mm 100010001100110012001200
Bolster Area (L.R. x F.B.)-mm 1000x7001200x8001200x8001400x9001400x9001500x1000
Slide Area (L.R. x F.B.)-mm 1000x7001200x8001200x8001400x9001400x9001500x1000
Product KL2-2000
Capacity-ton 2000
Rated Tonnage Point-mm 25
Stroke Length-mm 600
Strokes Per Minute-S.P.M. 15-25
Die Height (S.D.A.U.)-mm 1200
Bolster Area (L.R. x F.B.)-mm 1600x1200
Slide Area (L.R. x F.B.)-mm 1600x1200
KL2 Series SeriesFeature
  • High rigidity frame structure
  • Reinforced design to afford eccentric loading
  • Safe and quick stick release device
  • Mutiple link-drive mechanism
  • Hydraulic clutch and brake
KL2 Series SeriesApplication