Name : Link Motion Presses
No. : GL1 Series

C-Frame Single Crank Link-Motion Presses

Link-motion mechanism can decrease the velocity of slide down-stroke for reducing the tool impact noise and vibration; a better working condition can be achieved also. In comparison with the traditional crank type presses, the productivity is increased nearly 20% up to 40%.

Product GL1-80GL1-110GL1-160GL1-200
Capacity-ton 80110160200
Rated Tonnage Point-mm 5566
Stroke Length-mm 100160110180130200150200
Strokes Per Minute-Fixed Speed--S.P.M. 60504535
Strokes Per Minute-Variable Speed--S.P.M. 55-11040-7550-10030-6540-8525-5035-7020-45
Die Height (S.D.A.U.)-mm 300330320350350450410450
Bolster Area (L.R. x F.B.)-mm 1000x4601000x6001150x5201150x6801250x6001250x7601400x6801400x820
Slide Area (L.R. x F.B.)-mm 560x460650x520700x580850x650
GL1 Series SeriesFeature
  • Super rigid steel frame.
  • Hydraulic overload protector.
  • Minimize frame deflection.
  • High driving torque wet clutch & brake.
  • Extra long, precision, six-point gibbings.
  • Convenient die cushion installation.
GL1 Series SeriesApplication