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Chin Fong's Evolution

Founded in 1948, we possess a robust team for research, development, manufacturing, and service, with a global service network. We are Taiwan's largest manufacturer of forging equipment, selling under our own brand, recognized as an industry-leading name.

Our Philosophy
Innovation × Service × Commitment
Sparking innovation
Benefit returns
Bicycle Primary Components
Automotive Sheet Metal
Automotive Parts
TFT-LCD Panels
New Energy

Product Solutions

Innovative R&D, Global Presence
Chin Fong Machinery focuses on "Innovative R&D, Technological Upgrades, and Enhanced Core Competitiveness," combining smart manufacturing and global carbon reduction trends for future product and service development. Addressing energy efficiency, lightweighting, and environmental concerns, we offer expertise in lightweight metals, high-tensile steel forming, waste-reducing composite production, intelligent shaping, and energy-efficient forging equipment.
Core of Smart Manufacturing
By employing industrial artificial intelligence, we establish an adaptable, resource-efficient, and ergonomically advanced smart factory. We integrate customers and business partners into our commercial and value processes, offering comprehensive after-sales service.
Smart Molding Plan
Intelligent Forming, exclusive to Jinfeng, is an intelligent forming solution for stamping and manufacturing, serving as the answer to customer's smart transformation.
Chin Fong Client Care
To provide enhanced customer service and ensure no customer need goes unattended, Jinfeng offers a customer support app that operates year-round. It facilitates customers in accessing operation documents, consulting on issues, and submitting online repair requests.

ESG Idea

Lessening Environmental Load
Adding to Social Progress
Sharing Commitments through Division
Multiplying Sustainability

Global Presence

With numerous sales and service points around the world, we offer swift service through proximity to our customers.

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